Let Our Knowledge, Experience, and Commitment Lead The Way. 

We are Scott Blinn and Roxanne Coverdale-Blinn, owners and operators of BMIII Media Management. We have a combined history of 40 years in the music industry, including the past 10 years focusing on the partnership and promotion of our band Black Market III, and 20 years of our recording studio, Grease Punk Studio.  

For our specific needs, our hands on approach, eye for detail, understanding of social media based content, and commitment to consistency has yielded great results in a steadily growing fan base, landing a record deal, regular international touring, and maintaining a solid cross-platform social media presence.  

We'll bring these same principles and work ethic to you, whatever your business or need may be. 


“You are what you share.”  
~ Charles Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity