Located on 2 1/2 acres in the quiet and picturesque foothills of San Diego's East County, Grease Punk Studio has been the studio of choice for many of San Diego's finest musicians and bands since 2003.  The warm an inviting atmosphere lends itself to creativity and relaxed performances, without the stress of "watching the clock".   

With the mobile unit, bands in San Diego and in other states have been able to record live or produced studio records, in places that they find inspiring to their projects.  When a whole band from another state can't afford the time off or the expense of  travel and accommodations, Grease Punk Mobile can go to them! 

With 30 years of recording experience (18 years as Grease Punk Studio), sessions are smooth from set up to finished product.  The studio can (and usually does) keep everything "in house" from recording, to mixing and mastering, and art design, working closely with each artist's vision. 

Video production has taken a bigger role for the studio in the past several years as well, from conceptulizing to shooting and editing.  Want to record a live performance video with studio sound?  Have an idea for an artistic video to represent your new studio single?  Need to shoot a promotional ad?  Let's talk!